Greywater Systems

Water Conservation Through Greywater Reuse In Domestic & Commercial Applications

In the last two decades, to address Climate change and develop ways to face the more frequent droughts, the Australian Government has developed water quality standards to allow for increase water reuse and better water management in domestic and commercial applications.

With the help of these standards, considerable amount of water savings can be achieved especially in commercial applications. There is no doubt that the construction industry standard must evolve to incorporate better ways of managing our precious water resources. 

Since 2004, The Greyflow Systems, has been actively involved in the development of new water treatment technologies to achieve increase greywater capture and reuse. 

The presentation will cover Australian & international Greywater reuse standards, various Domestic & Commercial applications, as well as the various technologies that have been developed and trialled in the past 20 years.

  • Monday 3 June, 10:00~12:00, Former Halandri Town Hall, Gr. Gyftopoulou 2 
  • Tuesday 4 June, 18:00~20:00, Architects Association: Pan Hellenic Architects Union, (ΣΑΔΑΣ-ΠΕΑ), Vrysakiou 15, Plaka (off Monastiraki square)


Water Conservation

Through Greywater

Reuse In Domestic &


Sam Milani | Managing Director


1. Facing the Worldwide Water & Energy Challenge

2. Australian Standard for Greywater Reuse

3. Tackling the Domestic market

4. Commercial Applications – Where Do We Start ?

5. Commercial Applications for Greywater Reuse – Project Examples

6. Lessons Learned in the Past 20 Years

7. AWWS at the Forefront of New & Simple Emerging Technologies

8. Partnership Established to Supply & Service Wider Variety & Larger Projects

Facing the Worldwide Water & Energy Challenge

“The fastest way to save energy is to save water”


Population Growth



Global Warming


Less Fresh Water



More Waste Water

Droughts and

  • Millenium drought (2001-2006)
  • Super Drought (20172019)
  • Upcoming droughts
  • Water restriction and push for water reuse (2003)



  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reducing the ambient temperature by planting trees and greening our cities
  • Reducing the Impact of fires with lush gardens

Ground Water


  • Reduce ground water pollution by Improving ATU & septic performance
  • Reducing fertiliser use in gardens



  • A chance to reduce water consumption & save money
  • Higher star rating
  • Better house resell value